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Topo Map 50 Birch Hill BY15

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The Topo Map of Birch Hill, NZ, offers a detailed depiction of the terrain, showcasing elevation through contour lines and highlighting geographical features like hills, valleys, and water bodies. It likely includes markers for vegetation, roads, trails, and man-made structures, serving as an essential resource for hikers, geologists, and cartographers interested in exploring or studying Birch Hill's landscape with precision and accuracy.


  • Contour lines indicating elevation changes
  • Representation of hills, valleys, and terrain features
  • Markers for water bodies like rivers, lakes, or streams
  • Symbols denoting vegetation types
  • Indication of roads, trails, and pathways
  • Identification of man-made structures and landmarks

Technical Specifications
  • Scale: Typically 1:50,000 (may vary)
  • Grid coordinates and map projection details
  • Legend or key for interpreting symbols and markings
  • Contour interval (e.g., 10 meters) for elevation depiction
  • Geographic coordinates or latitude/longitude indications
  • Topographic symbols for landforms, vegetation, and features
  • Printing and paper quality specifications (if available)
  • Date of publication or last update

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

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